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So....ive joined a Gallery and embarked on Giclee printing which is the preferred market at the the moment.

I make beautiful original collages with antique papers from magazine up to 100 years old!...The papers are wonderful colours and the ageing process creates a world of patina. I also hand tint them.

Selling original artwork is tricky in a market dominated by prints that allow a competitive collector access to new artists and new works.

Ive worked with Tin Dogs Fine Art based in Brighton & Hove who work with alot of high profile artists and customers including the Tate ( check out their bio). They're local and independant ...i like that too.

They have worked miracles to faithfully recreate these images in huge detail and to such high quality. Sometimes you have to work with people who's professional skills are way beyond your own and invest in new partnerships to craete high quality work.

The good news is these prints are available via the website for £45 each .

After a successful collaboration show 'Chainsaw & The Girl' at Conclave Gallery in Brighton i have joined the gallery as GIRL SHIT for their December group show starting on Dec 7th. These prints are also available there as well as an archive of some unsold work from Chainsaw & The Girl.

T-shirts are also getting restocked today on the website but if theres something i dont have you'd like please message me and ill do my best to add it to a print run for you. I print small runs by hand.

Ultimately have a fantastic Christmas as the all hands on deck business starts to take hold..i hope everything follows for a fantastic New Year, Thankyou for your support, being an independant artist is hard in the current climate so i really do appreciate you all xxxxxxxx

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