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With four kids the summer holidays aren't my productive time as an artist. It's a push to get as much done as possible before school ends and there's never enough hours. Despite this the idea of hangin out and not being in a rigid busy routine is certainly a good pay off.

This year the summer break started with a childfree trip to Blackpool!....Its a long drive from Brighton but channeling the love of the place from my Nan and with a car full of artwork a different adventure was beginning.

Its the first time my artwork had been part of Rebellion Punk Art at the Rebellion Festival at the Winter Gardens. Despite the best efforts of the one way system we arrived and found ourselves greeted by a friendly Brighton face!

So began 4 days of meeting laughing and great music...I was a bit unsure of how my work would be recieved as its definately punk in its origins but its feminist self motivated and doesnt pull punches..after all i'm a 40 something mother of 4 who's not afraid of owning language like CUNT ...even my name GIRL SHIT seems to be something of an awkward moment!...but the world doesn't owe me anything and who the fuck is GIRL SHIT? and What the fuck is she doing?

I have to say the Punk Art and Rebellion team are are the punters...i mean there's so much amazing stuff going on and yet people took the time to look at the artwork and share their time with the artists.

I could go on and on about all the great music(and lots of it is on youtube) but i would say go look at the Rebellion facebook page and maybe get your ticket for next year sooner rather than later!

There was so much great art and so many amazing people..i made so many new friends and the feedback to all us artists was brilliant...

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