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Tis the season of lemsip(other stuff available).....the urge of urgent new beginnings optimism and lurgy. As a mother..the Christmas period is about tryiung to survive whilst clawing at an enjoyment in its purest form. Its almost impossible to make art at this time so admitting defeat leaves time for thought reading and planning the new year attack.

Ive never been able to keep or had the inclination to write a daily diary. Im a seasoned sketchbook user and am no stranger to written dialogue so i figure a disciplined stance will give it a go and see what happens. This also ticks my new year promise to learn a new skill every year.

Its been a while since the last blog as well ive been doing stuff and just never quite seemed to know what to say. I think sometimes you have to do rather than focus on the recording.

I like art and i like design..i like nice things....and like most people dont have the income to be an art collector. As an artist my desire is to be seen understood questioned or appreciated...unfortunately that doesnt further your career or create an income. I think art can be presented in any way you wish...i believe you should get some level of pleasure from it. So whether your budget extends to a large canvas, a comission, a badge, patch or a aim is to create and share .

Its a proven fact that your cuppa of choice(or lemsip) will taste better in your favourite mug. Its about pleasure ....why cant art be presented on a mug? ticks the enjoyment box ..hell it practical and useful too. The arguement that art doesnt need a use is wonderful too but if i cant afford that canvas i can own that fuckin cup of tea........

GIRL SHIT limited edition mugs are available at

each is hand drawn/collage ink and limited in production to 36 pieces.

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