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Been a long time coming

detail of screenprint 'don't look' by GIRL SHIT

SO...IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING!!!!!.....I've worked so hard the last 12 months. Pen n ink doesn't do you any favours when it comes to time and effort and how can you market something that takes so many woman hours??

I've been printing at home for a while now but am majorly limited by what my beloved 'GOCCO' machine can achieve. Firstly prints are awesome but i needed more!!!!

The plan had always been to screenprint alot of the drawings but without an equipped studio it was never gonna happen.

I did it..i finally went and did the studio thing...a quick day course from Brighton's fabulous Ink Spot Press and i'm in ...the rookie been a long time lonely artist back in a studio with real live people creating wonderful things. Just the interaction alone is a buzz!

So now i have a stockpile of images and plan to work through them building up my print sometimes frustrating step at a time. YOU never really forget how to do stuff but like driving a different car you're a bit clumsy and slightly anxious.

I have to say Jane and Jack have been immensely supportive in helping me negotiate equipment and headspace to use it.

It's always a shock to see work finally materialise in the medium you always planned...bit like the birth of a child after all that waiting but it unlocks all those connections that you couldn't quite make and feeds the giant idea pot.

I really believe in the kind of fine art idea of moving between mediums within a language of work...doing these prints has unlocked the ability to make the paintings i wasn't sure how to evolve. I guess i just had too much stuff waiting without resolution...

SO yes ..'its been a really long time coming'

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