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Some people think middle aged women should be seen and not heard..i say oh doubters up yours!!!....

So here we the hell did i become 40something with 4 kids???....i didn't 'make it" as an artist before motherhood so does that mean i'm not serious or i've missed my chance??

When i finally got the headspace to 'think' again i went right back to where i left off. Despite continuously producing artwork whilst changing nappies and doing the kid thing it was always a compromise. I'm the first to admit i caught up trying to please ...trying to validate why a mother could be making art too.

When you don't have your own artistic language the need to create becomes worse..its like a pressure cooker of creativity but with no direction. I'm first to admit i got caught up trying to make things that matched peoples curtains...a fine artist restricted, suffocating so trying to create 'products'.

Girl Shit is like i say just 'girl stuff" ....i'm not trying to please i'm trying to communicate so lets start as we need to go on!

GIRL HYSTERIA (see pen n ink collage....waiting to be screenprints!)....i think thats how people see art from women with a female dialogue. Infact add in the age factor and should know better as a mother and yup there you have it bring back the asylum for the woman suffering from HYSTERIA!!!!.....or maybe as you get older you become more aware of the need to stand by your thoughts....yes world...fuck you and your doubters and fuck my doubter moments....if its causing question and trouble then yes this middle aged hysterical woman says UP YOURS!!!!!!!!

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