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Making art and being heard can be a solitary and long drawn out process. Sometimes its overwhelming and the easiest thing to do would be to hold hands high saying "you got me...i give up". This is the shitty part of being an artist..the bit that teeters on the boderlines of mental health issues. SO what right does a 40 something mum of 4 have to shout scream and make art??....the answer is none but if that has been the thing that has driven your every waking thought since childhood then fuck it...its not a phase and it isn't going away!

Something amazing does happen as you get older though and thats the clarity and ability to see worth in what people do.

Anger is a massive achiever of doing stuff but the ability to channel that anger is easier as we get older.

In a world that is politically fucked and hideous crimes against humanity hiding behind gods and money makers it may just take an army of 40 something women to shout loud enough to be heard.

From the amazing ladies of the Advanced Style network saying up yours to the fashion world and its women realising they are indeed FEMINISTS and claiming the word the mothers watching their daughters and friends encouraged to pick each other apart in the name of 'celebrity' culture and magazine body shaming.....we don't have to go along with it.....we don't like it so lets say so.....ARTISTS ...MUSICIANS ..WRITERS lets stand together..lets put it out there..lets rewrite what we're being force fed......

We're due a movement....maybe its up to us..the wives,mothers,lovers,sisters,daughters, see we are half the population and while we are divided we are weak.....right now there are women around the world that are like us..wondering what right they had as a 40 something to think....suddenly that right is gone....

Artists speak to the world about what they need to....we do it because we need to and because its our way of communicating how we can piece together the world.....artists are born rewriting the rules..thank them and support never know when you may need

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