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It's hard being a female's a big statement.

I should probably say it's hard being a Female artist making work about being a woman.

Living a safe existence in a western country as a white woman i know i am privalliged. I am safe and well and have choices that many simply do not have. There is an arguement about modern feminism being a middle class bored housewife rant but i strongly disagree.

My work has evolved as a personal and social unravelling of what am i as a woman?...Funny thing is as you go deeper the massive rift seems to rear it's ugly head.

It's ok for women to make artwork and have success as long as they stick to the unwritten rules. There's still a belief that if you have kids you are compromising your commitment to being an 'artist' and that work about menstruation satisfied the need for feminist art and we need to move on.

It's ok to express all sorts of ideas and expression through art but the need to be a woman is shaky ground.

I chose the name GIRL SHIT as my work is about 'girl stuff' i'm not sure exactly what that means as i'm still figuring it out. It seems that the taboo of a woman using this kind of language is still very much with us. It's kinda tongue in cheek but it's causing all sorts of headaches.

I'm not apologising for my subject matter..i'm owning it and branding it...let's talk about GIRL SHIT.

We are all playing this hideous game of trying to fit in and not really being recent work has proved this and no one seems to want to play the shaming bitching judging game we seem to find ourselves in...we as women want to be able to communicate, there's a lot of conversations to be had. We want to support each other and feel has always had the potential to start difficult conversations, sometimes we just have to be prepared to listen....

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