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WOW...What a journey!!!......i have to say after many attempts this is definately my most satisfying moment creating a website!!!

Artists are well known for their awkwardness when it comes to business and technology. I guess many can do everything..i'm not one of those.

So i've been making art since i was about four and as soon as i discovered that a magical place called art college existed,that was my dream.

Many years later,art degree and 4 dream and world is still to make art. I make art because i need to, i have stuff to say...its hard sometimes to put it out there.

So..i make lots of different art but GIRL SHIT is about girl stuff(shit)...what it means to be a girl..all those contradictions, fears,thoughts and experiences.Theres a definite change in the air around feminism right now and so i'm sticking my neck out and having a 'spartacus' far...we are all seemingly 'spartacus'.

It was one of these moments that led me to create a facebook group open to girls called 'Girly Confessions(GC)'. Initially i shared with my girlfriends old and new a place to 'confess' something people don't know about you (i'm more than the person you see), it is a rapidly growing amazing space full of amazing women sharing , supporting, laughing and inviting their girlfriends to join in.

I'm on an adventure right now..don't know exactly where it's going but that's ok..sometimes you just have to trust the universe and see where it takes you...xxxxgirlshitgirl

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