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GIRL SHIT & THE CONFESSIONS OF BEING A GIRL. ZINE. A5 hand produced zine (scissors and glue all the way baby). 28 pages (excluding cover and inner) of art and writing. I'm old school and the art of the zine is such a wonderful thing...despite man hours and battling with copy machines(yes i really do everything!!!) produce a zine is a joy. The physical feeling of the format held in your hands should not be underestimated. Theres a nod to iconic  zine art throughout and theres nothing more satisfying than getting the 'big stapler' out. Totally diy and even comes with a free 'cunt' sticker!!!!..EVERYONE loves a sticker!!!...As i work in artist editions this zine is a run of 100 copies. Posted in board back envelope x

GIRL SHIT & the confessions of being a girl ZINE (A5)+STICKER

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