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Shipping & Delivery


No one likes to wait in this instant world, we dont and why the hell should you. We aim to process your order and get it off to you within 24 hours unless its the weekend then well be off at a gig or something but we will get round to it first thing monday morning

Postage is calculated based on average postal costs. Trying to keep postage costs at a minimal price.  Due to increase in postage rates i have set the cost of P&P BY ORDER TOTAL as i can only set per order.

£!-£7= £1.95


£!6-£50 =£5.95


If you do not live in the UK and want to buy something please use the contact page and we'll sort something out.



Buying from an artist.
When you buy artwork or products from an artist you are doing something really amazing.
Every purchase allows an artist to fund their vision and allows that artist a future to progress their work....
                                                                          THANKYOU xxx


Printing processes

GOCCO PRINTS- This hand printing method is done using a japanese gocco machine. Invented by RISO they were made for the Japanese home for the production of new year cards. They use a silkscreen type of system built into the machine, exposed by a carbon original image. Sadly RISO nolonger make the machines or supplies. There is a cult 'gocco' following amongst artists around the world and remaining supplies are traded between enthusiasts. I often choose to hand colour my prints with inks as my aesthetic is inspired by early hand coloured photographs and tinted prints.

SCREEN PRINTS-This handprinted method uses a silkscreen. The screen is exposed with light sensitive emulsion or painted by hand with screen fluid and screen block.

DIGITAL PRINTS- They are machine printed from original artwork.

RISO PRINTS- Existing somewhere between offset lithography and screen printing these japanese machines have a cult following of artists and collectors and are eco friendly. The riso machine is like the mamma to print gocco also by riso.The machine creates a stencil screen from banana paper which wraps around the soy ink drum printing fabulous riso colours. There are only aroung 15 machines in the uk and BRIGHTON is lucky to have the one owned and lovingly cared for by

GICLEE PRINTS- A high quality digital print with archival (MUSEUM QUALITY) high quality inks.


Im a regular exhibitor at Rebellion Punk Art show as part of Rebellion Festival,Blackpool uk

I have prints available at Conclave Gallery Brighton,uk



Handmade really means made by
Inspired by the DIY Punk aesthetic all my prints are currently prnted by me mostly on my dining table. I may employ the photocopy machine in my local printers but that really is as technical as it gets.
For the more complex screenprinting i use a fabulous local studio pay as you use scheme and print myself using all the fabulous equipement.
Big Thankyou to INK SPOT PRESS in Brighton/Hove.
All my collage images come from original vintage sources and are incorporated into a hand drawn composition. I sometimes use dry transfer lettering but most text is drawn out by hand.
 Whilst i strive to produce the best 'quality' work i can,my marks are an important part of my aesthetic.
Whilst listening to supporters of GIRL SHIT i have decided to make some digital, Giclee and RISO prints that allow a more competitive customer to be part of the work. Art should be accessible to everyone.
Big Thankyou to Dopplepress in Brighton for keeping riso printing available to artists.
Big Thankyou to Tin Dogs Fine Art in Hove ( Brighton) for faithfully recreating collages in Gallery ready Giclee prints. Their printing is used by many high profile artists and galleries.
If you see something you like but its not quite right for you,get in touch(contact us).
Commissioning an artwork can be a wonderful experience for both artist and customer. It certainly doesnt cost anything to ask.
Please use the contact page to get in touch and i'll see what i can do.
Obviously commission costs depend on size,scale,materials etc but i'm quite happy to work within a set budget.
As i'm adding to GIRL SHIT  some products are being made by those that can rather than me. For example mugs and badges are things i just dont have the equipement for. All artwork is done  by hand by me though.
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