Making art and being heard can be a solitary and long drawn out process. Sometimes its overwhelming and the easiest thing to do would be to hold hands high saying "you got me...i give up". This is the shitty part of being an artist..the bit that teeters on the boderlines of mental health issues. SO what right does a 40 something mum of 4 have to shout scream and make art??....the answer is none but if that has been the thing that has driven your every waking thought since childhood then fuck it...its not a phase and it isn't going away! Something amazing does happen as you get older though and thats the clarity and ability to see worth in what people do. Anger is a massive achiever of doing

Owning it isn't always easy...

SO...sometimes we have crazy ass ideas..it's a good thing to do and think later. Artists can make amazing work but if nobody sees it or 'validates' it you can feel like you don't exist. Most of us don't do PR we haven't made the money yet to pay for it but we do know how to think of ideas. I wanted to talk to people about my ideas i wanted to invite people to be part of an artwork but i don't have a gallery remotely interested or aware of my existence so i had to rethink. I had been posting 'confessions' on facebook. They were things the world didn't know about me but most importantly i had control over what i wanted to share. Small or big the confess idea was liberating and fun.....it could

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